The Nightwires – “Life of Sound” available to buy now…

Our new album is now available to buy from our store page. Head over here:

The album is priced at £6 including p&p. It will usually be dispatched within 48 hours. Sometimes more quickly, depending on how fast we can get to the post office. It can be a devil to park outside.

We are super happy with the album and certainly think its the best thing we have done. Here is a message from our esteemed leader, with his thoughts:

Our new Album “Life of Sound” is our best and most complete collection of songs to date.

For me certainly, it is the most personal piece of work I have ever done, and whilst being the hardest in many ways, it has also been the most rewarding.

The album has a sound that marries together our influences, from the acoustic roots feel of Ryan Adams and R.E.M to the rock releases of The Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam.

In all likelihood, this album will only be listened to by a few hundred loyal followers and our friends and family, but we hope you all really enjoy it and who knows, in this age of Facebook sharing and endless downloads, we might find some fresh ears out there!

We have several gigs coming up, details of which you can find over at our Gigs page

See you all soon

Russell X


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