The first review of “Life of Sound” is in!

And phew, its a good one!!

Thanks to Bucketlist Music Reviews for taking the time to review the album. We appreciate it.


I had the opportunity to listen to the latest album Life of Sound by The Nightwires, a band all the way over in England. Their music is a mixture of folk and rock music, but the catch that makes them so interesting? You wouldn’t be able to tell just from hearing the record, but the band consists of only two members. These are vocalist Russel Meek, and Simon Clements, who does just about everything else, from guitars and bass to keyboard and the ukulele – yes, a ukulele! You’re probably thinking that a band with just two people in it won’t work, but I’ve seen it before with Slaves, another band from England, and it seems to be working for them. I had no doubt that The Nightwires would be able to make it work, and it was proven with this album.

The album begins with “The Time That We Have,” which seems to be a love song with a catchy tune. The only thing that irks me about this song is the way it starts, sounding like it begins right in the middle of the song with no semblance of an intro, just launching right into the chorus. Other than that, there’s nothing wrong with it, I can totally see this playing on the radio one day.

One of the much slower songs that really caught my attention was the third track, “Then.” With a steady drum beat and captivating soothing vocals it has a really mellow vibe to it that makes you feel relaxed, and it’s a lot different from the other songs in that sense. The guitars in this are really interesting as well; it sounds like there’s some kind of distortion during some parts. There are also acoustic guitars, which is new to me; I’ve never heard both acoustic and electric guitars playing at the same time, but it sounds really good the way they blend it together.

The song “Propeller Seeds” really brought back some memories of music I used to listen to in highschool. This is one of the tracks I recommend from “Life of Sound.” If anyone out there remembers City and Colour, that’s what it reminds me of, or more specifically, their song “Save Your Scissors.” They’re both acoustic songs, and the vocals are really similar to each other.

Overall, this album is definitely worth checking out if you’re into soft rock and acoustic songs. The vocals are mesmerizing, and these guys are so talented it’s unbelievable. I can definitely see them going places, especially with this album. Props to The Nightwires for making such a killer album. I’m usually really picky with music like this, but these are songs that will be stuck in my head for a while.

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